Our Story

We developed Paranimo because we found it so hard to get the right support

We knew there was a better way to address the critical issue of mental health support at work.

We’ve been there, we know… 

As the founders of Paranimo, we experienced the challenges of navigating stressful careers and accessing mental health support first-hand. We identified that the support available was not adequate, despite our employers’ best intentions. 

Mental health challenges are highly personal and require a specialist. There are all kinds of mental health issues that affect work-life, including substance addiction, depression, anxiety, relationship failures, trauma and the list goes on. 

Finding the right advice requires the right therapist, something that traditional mental health support at work rarely accommodates. Paranimo enables access to a growing network of professional counsellors, each with their own specialism, unique expertise and approach. Mental health is personal to the individual, so the care chosen should be personal too.

We developed Paranimo to provide swift access to the right kind of support.

Be the difference for your team. 

Give them access to the right mental health support.

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