Don’t refer your customers away to generic EAP’s.

Provide personalised therapy with ParanimoHR

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With mental health so personal, the support should be too

Mental health is set to be a major challenge for 85% of SMEs (HR Solutions Feb 2023). 

With access to over 500 accredited and qualified counsellors on your platform, your customers can match to counsellors that are right for them.

Generate revenue from a new capability

Set your therapy session price and sell your own subscription to customers as a standalone product or as part of a new or existing retainer package. 

See for yourself how ParanimoHR can add value to your HR consultancy

How it works

Ace HR have a number of customers with workplace counselling needs they can't fulfil.

They license Paranimo in their own branding, creating a new service for their customers.

Ace HR incorporate this service into their retainer package for a premium price.

And set their pay as you go counselling session price  (on top of our base session cost).

They send each customer their own custom sign up link to add them to Ace HR’s mental health therapy platform. 

The customer sends this sign up link to all employees who need mental health counselling.

Employees start matching to the right counsellor.

New revenue is generated from a retained customer whilst improving mental health.

Our pricing is designed to give you the best chance of success 

Each customer is unique and we like to get to know your needs before providing a quote. 

In terms of our pricing model, we have a simple licensing fee paid each month. 

You can resale therapy sessions however you like. We do have a minimum therapy session cost to ensure our therapists get paid properly, but whatever you charge on top of that is yours to keep! 

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