Our Process

A break down of exactly how we sell

Outreach Process

Lead sourcing process
LinkedIn sales navigator filter by industry specifics  → Sales QL plug in for contact details → add to Hubspot via integration

Cold call

We find there is no substitute for hitting the phones. Emails automations can work but we have found great success from actual conversations, which means doing the leg work in lead sourcing to find decision makers and track down contact details.

Phone mobile numbers first as this is the best way to get direct to the decision maker.

If they don’t pick up, leave a short voicemail.

If you cannot target mobile numbers then call the company number.

This will usually result in talking to reception and asking to be put through. They rarely do!

Example script for talking to a HR consultant

Call script

3-5 minutes long max - then get off the call


Hi (insert their name) I’m Matt, Co-founder of a mental health company called Paranimo and I’m calling up Directors of HR consultancies to introduce myself and to say hi, so hello!

I know mental health is quite a big topic particularly in the SME space, and I believe HR consultants have a role to play in supporting them, so I wondered if you had a few minutes to hear what we do and see if we could work together?

Value points

When it comes to mental health support, I’ve seen a lot of HR consulting companies do a sort of “advise and refer model” to providers such as EAPs (with mixed results), which is a missed service, commercial and retention opportunity with your customer. 

We enable HR consultancies to meet this need themselves, by providing access to thousands of counsellors across the UK via their own branded online counselling matching solution. So it's a new service and commercial opportunity for you and it’s working great in HR retainers.


Would you be interested in a 15 min demo to show you what we do and if we could work together?

Follow up call with email using template

We always follow up calls or voice mails with an email

Email Chain


Follow up email if you don’t book a meeting on the call / leave a voicemail


Email if they do pick up and haven’t agreed to meet yet


Email if they do pick up and agree to meet me


follow up email if they haven’t responded to emails 1 or 2


follow up email if they haven’t responded to email 3

FAQs for calls

What are the commonly asked questions and objections?