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Frequently asked questions


We set our fixed subscription and you can set any subscription prices you are selling to your customers.

Counselling session cost a minimum of £45.


Add your commission on top of the base counselling session cost and you can charge subscription for access in whatever way you would like

Session charges

That's up to you and your customers. You can implement any combination of you, your business customers, and users paying for sessions.

Session charges

We abide by the National counselling society code of ethics. I can share you the link here:https://nationalcounsellingsociety.org/about-us/code-of-ethics/safeguarding-policy


We usually find that most objections are overcome by talking through the motivation behind them. We always respond with questions about their priorities and model and work to overcome perceived problems.

Check with Customers

Why? They don’t have confidence that they can include this in a retainer and don’t know how to justify it
Like our customer Sylo HR who have a good relationship with their customers, their customers expect this type of value in their retainers because Sylo show mental health is important / their customers get value from their retainers) - Service / commercial and relationship argument

Retainer or subscription

Why? Too much effort? Not sure customers will pay?

Stand alone product or retention tool is also an option so if you're happy to play with different models then feel free to come up with the best solution for everyone.

Refer Away

Why? Dont have time? Not interested in mental health? Most of their customers don’t have that need? Are they sure? How do you know? Would you like to provide rather than refer?
Most mental health challenges are not publicly spoken about at work - especially when the organisation has not demonstrated effort to support in this area.

Would providing the solution yourself be an improvement in your service offering and allow you to do more for you customers? It's hard to justify not improving your service with such a simple addition.

Time challenges

Why? Think the product is going to take too long to get up and running? What do they think that process looks like? Can we help speed it up or manage for you?

We can help get everything set up, including marketing materials and sales process support. Anything needing customisation or further support we can provide. We can include a set up fee and project if time is the issue.


Why? Are people happy with the EAP? Do you prefer not being able to provide a service?

Our product can either replace EAP’s given the quality of the personalised matching, or it can work in conjunction with so fay for specialised or specific topics such as Menopause,  Neurodiversity, Trauma etc


Why? What would the financial impact be for a small business to lose a member of staff to stress or unhappy?

Given the pay as you go nature of our platform, we find small companies resonate better with this flexible payment method. Plus, given retention is so important to small businesses, they will invest in their staff's wellbeing in order to improve it and thus retention.


Why? Not convinced this should be a priority as can’t immediately see how they can make money from it, or have the time to operationally manage / sell it?

Commercial argument (easy to include in retainers and we manage it for them) and sales and marketing support available. 

The Problem with Employee Assistance Programs

There's a lengthy triage process to justify you need help complicated and frustrating for people who need counselling to get timely support

There's no matching to the right counsellor, just generic support delivered through a phone call with the next available counsellor

The business model is flawed. EAPs are incentivised for customers not to use them due to an “Assumed usage pricing model”