Branded Counselling Network

Mental health is set to be a major challenge for 85% of SMEs and most organisations fail to meet this need in their customers, preferring to refer them away to other providers like EAP’s.

We’re trying to give the power to provide mental health support into the hands of every company and empower everyone to care for anyone. To do this, we invented an entirely new approach.

Paranimo enables organisations (or insert HR consulting companies for example) to meet the unmet mental health needs of their customers, by providing access to thousands of counsellors across the UK via their own revenue generating online counselling matching platform - in their own branding. 

We call this approach harnessing branded counselling networks.

Our model ist designed to decentralise mental health support and put access and capabilities in the hands of everyone and that means people within different roles all understanding the premise.

Depending on how you are using Paranimo, you'll have different  target audiences but this guide will explain how everything fits together and what is required to explain the value to each group.

Top level diagram

Paranimo provides our technology to partners who can then provide the technology to different types of businesses and the end users that need support.

Technology Partner

This refers to businesses who are responsible for maintaining, and distributing the technology to other businesses (Service Integrators) who wish to offer a branded counselling service. Our 'Professional Tier' clients may find this information helpful.

Service Integrator

This term can refer to businesses that integrate Paranimo's technology into their service offerings. They act as intermediaries, adapting and offering Paranimo's solutions to suit the needs of their business clients.

Client Business

These are the businesses that directly engage with the Service Integrators to implement Paranimo's mental health support solutions for their own benefit, ultimately offering these services to their employees or members, the end users.

End User

These are the individuals who ultimately receive and utilize the counselling services. In the context of Paranimo's model, end users are typically employees of the Client Businesses who access the mental health support provided through the platform.

How to include in your business

A new addition to a retainer package or subscription

Add the platform access within subscriptions going forward and upgrade on renewals.

Upsold as a standalone product

Charging customers an access fee such as as subscription, for example,.as part of a mental health first aider conversation or to address staff absence.

As a retention tool

Given to all customers new and existing for “free” and just pay as you go for therapy

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Fundamental Pains

The we consider the pain points of all customers is as some combination of three fundamental issues.


Missed Service opportunity: Fail to service customer mental health needs.

  • It's hard to find a specialist help
  • They lack the capability to help (we think a technical one that's easy to execute) 

Missed Commercial opportunity: missing out on a commercial opportunity by referring revenue away.

  • Customers value mental health enough to pay you to help
  • Scale of support provided via digital solution

Missed Relationship opportunity: show your value and retain more customers

  • Referring away risks brand trust if quality of service is bad (think EAP?)
  • My competition provides a better solution  

It's often said that when you are bringing a new solution to the market, people need to be taught why there was a problem with the way things were before. We find that focusing on these areas makes it easy to demonstrate to prospective customers where the current system is failing and where our solution can help.

Complimentary Capabilities

How do the capabilities of the platform help with each pain point?

New Service capability: 

We can provide the technology and contacts to provide the only brandable digital mental health platform and use our relationships to source thousands of accredited counsellors .

  • Provide a complete, end to end online counselling matching solution with access to thousands of counsellors in our network in their branding
  • Offer a unique matching algorithm to solve specialist search problem
  • Result: Can now meet the mental health needs of their customers themselves
New Commercial opportunity:

We allow all customers to generate new revenue through the platform. The only way to change the way mental health support is delivered is to ensure everyone wins.

  • Generate a revenue share from all therapy sessions AND… 
  • can charge their own “subscriptions” with their own SaaS solution
  • Result: New revenue!
New Relationship opportunity:

Providing support when people need it the most will make people appreciate you and your services more and increase the chances of retaining their business.

  • The platform is “white labelled” (meaning in their own branding) so can work within their existing solutions.
  • By launching your platform, they’re telling customers they value their mental health.
  • Result: Another reason for a customer to stay with you and another point of engagement with customers they would not of otherwise had


What sort of people are benefiting from the service?

Anyone who feels responsibility for anyone else
Someone with authority or someone with compassion
Anyone commercially minded around the value of mental health support
Anyone who would benefit from being seen taking action

Language guide

If you'd like to read more about the sort of language we use, the button below will take you to a page describe what language we use to sell.