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"My interest in mental health developed through my work as a teacher; I became curious about the impact of how a person thinks about their education and how low self-esteem and lack of confidence can undermine educational ability. I also became increasingly aware of how stressful it is being young!I am a warm, down to earth people person with a passion for well being. I worked as a Specialist Mentor with University students for three years and bring my experience of working with students on anxiety, low mood, procrastination, overwhelm and strategies for managing ADHD and dyslexia to my work as a counsellor. I also have a working knowledge of working with students with ASCs and with autoimmune conditions.My background in teaching has also enabled me to bring my lived experience of the stress of teaching to my work with education staff. Additionally, I have extensive experience in working with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, low mood, overwhelm and confusion; particular areas of expertise include stress at work and relationship issues, including processing the end of a relationship and working through the anguish of infidelity. I believe myself to be skilled at putting people at ease and building a rapport quickly, either in person or online. I am passionate about well being and bring a love for this work to the sessions. I work in an integrative way which enables me to offer clients psycho-education, well being strategies and to suggest interventions that may bring about lasting change. "