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"I often describe therapy as a really old building, sometimes it needs to be knocked down before a new one is built in its place; in the process, it might hurt but having a therapist to stand alongside you as you face your struggles can be really beneficial. I am here to embark upon that journey with you, together we can reflect on the struggles you have faced or are facing and begin to make sense of them.I have always wanted to help others and took the step to train as a therapist back in 2015. I currently work in social care, so for those of you who have been in care yourself or currently work in social care, I understand the pressures of the system very well. I practice Attachment informed, Person-centred therapy, with the understanding that your historical attachments may inform how you think feel and behave.I'm here to stand with you as you refocus and learn to put yourself first and deal with the struggles you are experiencing."