Embedded Health is the new insurance growth frontier

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It offers insures a huge opportunity to partner with innovative health tech companies to drive new product innovation and better customer outcomes needed to meet the healthcare needs of today

When it comes to mental health, customers needs are personalised.

They want more than a standard health or life insurance policy with generic wellbeing benefits.  

They want personalised mental health care that's accessible wherever they are, and they want it from you.

Support policyholders wherever they are

Access our network of hundreds of therapists ready to help.

Harness the power of our matching, ensuring people always get the right support.

Therapy happens remotely through our virtual therapy room.

Flexible therapy usage that fits within policy limits

Use our admin dashboard to control therapy usage.
Set your own therapy session pricing, or let therapists set their own.

Enhance your customer experience and product offering by providing personalised mental health care

Set your policies apart with an innovative policy benefit that provides a valuable customer experience.
Retention at renewal is key. Provide a mental health solution they can’t live without.
Use in your own branding to capitalise on your existing customer relationship.

Our pricing is designed to give you the best chance of success 

Each customer is unique and we like to get to know your needs before providing a quote. 

In terms of our pricing model, we have a simple licensing fee paid each month. 

You can resale therapy sessions however you like. We do have a minimum therapy session cost to ensure our therapists get paid properly, but whatever you charge on top of that is yours to keep! 

Ready to upgrade your insurance product with personalised mental health care?

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